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Interview with
Donna Lee

To visualize the interview in Portuguese, CLICK HERE

Hi! How are you? Jesus blesses you!
Well... I am doing very well. Thank you. I love Brazil very much.

Here in Brazil we have heard a lot about DONA LEE...
How is it to be so well known in the Catholic artistic way?
Well, I am glad that many people will hear my story of how God changed my life. This is the most important thing for me.

Where, in the USA, are you from?
I am from San Diego, California.

What are your mission in this place?
This is where I live with my family. I sing at church when I am not traveling. I work with my family as a graphic designer. We have a print shop and a Catholic bookstore.

You are recording a new CD and now you are an exclusive artist of CODIMUC. Could you talk a little about this CD?
It is my eighth CD. It will contain 12 songs. 10 songs that I wrote and 2 songs that I really like. The songs tell the story of my life and relationship with Jesus. They are about God's grace, mercy, forgiveness and peace.

Very good!!! I am crazy to hear the CD! : -)
How would you define the Catholic music of the present time?
It is making progress in the USA. It is not very well received everywhere. Many young people prefer the music of Brittany Spears and the Backstreet Boys. It is very difficult to get young people to come to a Catholic concert. We have many artists that do concerts in the U.S.A. Many different styles of music. We don't have big festivals like you have here in Brazil.

Have you ever recorded any international Catholic artist's music or even from a Brazilian Catholic artist?
No, I have not. I have heard the music of some of the artists when I sang at Hallel last year in September.

You were in Hallel, here in Brazil, in 2001. How was this experience to you?
Oh, it was incredible. I was very humbled by the spirituality of the people. Many times I cried because I saw the love of Jesus in so many people. It was something that words cannot describe.

Have you met the "Ministry Angels of Rescue" there in CODIMUC??? :-) It is the Catholic musical group that I like more...
Yes, they are working on my CD as producer and arranger.

Well... Will you be in Hallel of this year?
Yes, I will also be here at another festival just the week before. I will probably be spending a few months here at some point to help promote the new CD.

To finish, I would like you to write a message for all (of) the Brazilian Catholic musicians!
Always put God first in everything you do!!!!

Thank you very much, Donna... Jesus blesses you always!!!

by Rafael de Angeli
August of 2002


To visualize the interview in Portuguese, CLICK HERE

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